Use Pre Commit To Include OpenAPI Schema In Version Control

Abe | Apr 17, 2024 min read

The Problem

Lately, I’ve been exploring the idea of including a project’s OpenAPI schema under git version control.

This is particularly useful with tools like Postman, where you can have a collection point to a remote schema on GitHub, and it will automatically update the collection when the schema changes.

For this to work, the schema file must be generated every time the API changes. This can easily be forgotten when done manually.


I am currently working on a Django project for a client that uses Django Rest Framework to publish an API. drf-spectacular is a great complementary package that generates documentation for the API using either SwaggerUI or ReDoc.

drf-spectacular also publishes an endpoint that returns the project’s OpenAPI schema. However, the documentation and schema are restricted to only specific users, and tools like Postman don’t provide a way to authenticate to access the schema.


To address this, I decided to include the schema in the project sources and make it available to anyone who has access to the project’s repository. You can then grant Postman access to the private repository, and it will be able to access the schema.

How to Do It

In order to achieve this, I decided to use pre-commit to generate the schema. Here is a snippet from the .pre-commit-config.yaml file:

  python: python3.11

  - repo: local
    -   id: generate-openapi-schema
        name: Generate OpenAPI Schema
        entry: bash -c 'python spectacular --color --file schema.yml --validate --fail-on-warn && git add schema.yml'
        language: system
        always_run: true
        pass_filenames: false
        stages: [commit]

The above snippet will run the generate-openapi-schema hook every time you commit.